Mum looks entirely different after losing seven stone

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-Credit: (Image: Julie Lancake)

A mum who managed to lose a whopping seven stone has opened up about her incredible transformation. Julie Lancake saw her weight balloon to 17 stone following years of snacking on unhealthy treats.

The 62-year-old was a dress size 20 when she decided to change her lifestyle habits for good. Through calorie counting and going for long walks, the mum-of-two watched as the weight dropped off.

But like many others, the out of school manager gained weight throughout lockdown, leaving her unhappy in her appearance once more. That's when she discovered Greater Manchester and Cheshire weight loss group Beeweighed, signing up to the Denton branch in September, 2023. For the latest health and Covid news, sign up to our newsletter here

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Julie now tips the scales at around 10 stone, meaning she's lost an incredible seven stone since embarking on her weight loss journey. "I lost weight but put a lot back on over lockdown. I tried to lose weight again myself but I wasn't as disciplined so I ended up joining the group.", reports the Manchester Evening News.

"It was just unhealthy eating and eating the wrong types of foods. I love my chocolate and crisps. When I was younger and had the kids, that's when the weight went on. I wasn't able to run around and play with them. I wanted to make sure I became healthier and would be here for them."

Julie, from Audenshaw, Greater Manchester, has opened up about her struggles with self-esteem due to her weight, confessing: "Everyone always said when I was dressed up that I looked smart in everything. But I never felt good. I always felt as though there wasn't a lot of confidence to be honest."

She shared her journey towards self-confidence, saying: "When I dress up and go out, I do feel more confident, but I still look at myself and think I'm big. Years ago, I would have never thought about walking into a pub on my own, but I can now."

Lynda Leadbetter, who runs Beeweighed, a weight loss community that offers national Zoom sessions, praised Julie's progress: "Julie is a really lovely lady who has done amazingly well. Her optimism shines, and she's always full of positivity week after week. I'm so proud of her accomplishments as a valued member of the Denton meeting."