Mum regrets taking nine-month-old on holiday – and feels 'cruel' for doing it

Mum with baby
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Taking a baby on holiday is an experience many parents choose to undertake, but it can sometimes become a cause for regret.

A mother ventured on a vacation with her husband, extended family, and nine-month-old baby. However, instead of basking in the delight of a shared family experience, she was left regretting the trip - going as far as labeling her decision "cruel".

The mother did not enjoy her holiday, neither did her baby who had to remain indoors majority of the time due to extreme heat conditions. The mother observed her daughter wasn't acting like herself - more "clingy" than usual - since they were stuck in.

Talking about her experience on Mumsnet, she said: "Baby was fine in terms of sleep, eating etc but due to hot weather abroad she was stuck indoors with me/my husband/other family members for most of the day.

"She seemed just generally miserable not her usual self at all (more quiet and clingy, mainly) she's been back to her usual self since being back."

The mum went onto confess her regrets about the holiday by openly admitting: "I really regret going actually even though the adults had a nice time I feel it was a bit selfish and I feel we shouldn't have gone."

She ended her post by querying other parents on their justification for taking a baby abroad on long flights and into a hot country, considering how uncomfortable such conditions could be for a baby?

In the comments, one person argued: "Is it though? A great many babies live in hot weather year-round. Just because your baby was miserable doesn't mean it's cruel to take a baby abroad for whatever reason, plus it's a very 'Brit abroad' view to even assume that every other country is hot. Is it cruel to take a baby to a country with a similar climate? Which bit exactly is cruel?"

Another chimed in with: "Sorry to hear you had an unpleasant experience but that doesn't mean everyone else will have a s**t holiday."

A third shared their perspective: "Mine is unbothered really, so long as we ensure they get meal times, naps and play time. I mean - you live in the UK, being stuck indoors because of the weather is a bit of a national pastime."