Mum shares how to keep baby cool in UK heatwave and parents say it 'works a treat'

Mother putting down her newborn into crib during the day, Cologne, NRW, Germany
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images/Westend61)

The UK is currently experiencing a heatwave, and after a chilly, wet spring, Brits are finding it difficult to sleep.

When your bedroom has been exposed to direct sunlight all day, it's no surprise you're tossing and turning at night, struggling to fall asleep - but these issues also affect babies, who can become restless. If they don't get enough sleep, you'll definitely feel the effects the next day.

Fortunately, the @ewanandfriends TikTok account offered some helpful advice, sharing "tips to keep baby cool in a heatwave", which many mothers have found useful.

Responding to a mum who asked: "Do you have any tips on keeping a newborn cool in this horrendous heatwave please?" The woman replied: "These tips are the same for a newborn but apply them to your own bedroom as this is where your baby will be sleeping for the first six months."

Her first piece of advice is to "keep the curtains drawn during the day" to prevent direct sunlight from heating up the room, and to "invest in a black-out blind to block the sun".

If you're considering using a fan, she advises not to point it directly at your baby, but to "use a fan directed against the wall to circulate the air".

She also recommends you "open the window during the day if it's safe to do so and the air outside is cooler, to help generate a breeze to cool the room".

In addition, the mum advised it's best to dress your little ones in "lightweight breathable clothes", and you should choose items like a "such as a 0.5 tog muslin sleeping bag" for their bedding. She also suggested a simple "cotton vest and nappy" could be enough.

If your baby appears to be thirsty, she suggested you might want to "offer them another feed". Moreover, she recommended using a room thermometer to check the room temperature and a forehead thermometer to assess the child's body temperature if there are any concerns.

Many parents expressed their gratitude for her advice in the comments section, with several confessing that they "loved" her parenting tips.