Mum slams 'ridiculous' ex for suing private school after son passed just one GCSE

Scott Craddock and son David (SWNS)

A father who is suing his son’s former school for £125,000 after he passed just one GCSE has been slammed by his ex-wife for his “ridiculous” behaviour.

Rachel Craddock said her ex-husband Scott’s legal battle made heir 17-year-old look “stupid”.

Earlier this week, Scott had gone public on his intention to sue Abbotsholme Schoolafter son David’s poor exam results.

But Rachel Craddock said this was a mistake.

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“You can’t blame the school.

“Private education is a gamble and one we were prepared to take,” she told the Mail Online.

“I hoped my son would have done better in his exams but he failed. That’s not the school’s fault, it’s his.”

Abbotsholme School in Staffordshire (SWNS)

Mrs Craddock, 46, added that other factors – including his parents’ divorce – may have contributed to David only securing one C grade in Science.

The mum-of-two from Walsall, West Midlands, added that there’s “no way” her ex will win his legal battle, “but if he does, yippee, I’ll get half!”

Scott, 57, a retired truck-driver, had been so annoyed at his son’s poor grades that he decided to sue the independent boarding and day school in Staffordshire, to get back the £125,000 he spent on fees.

He also set up a website to monitor the school’s performance.

Mr Craddock had spent £140,000 over five years for David to go to Abbotsholme.

He saved the money working in the Middle East.

David only got one GCSE out of eight exams (SWNS)

He served legal papers to headmaster Steve Fairclough and the chairman of the governors at the school’s summer gathering last year.

He added: “I served them with a notice which gives me six years to serve them with paperwork.

“I am watching them squirm and I will continue the legal action but in my own time.”

Mr Craddock says he doesn’t believe David was the only one with poor results because GCSEs and A-levels at the school were down across the board.

He added: “The school is not value for money in any way, shape or form.


David is now studying arboriculture and horticulture at a college in Cheshire and is re-sitting his Science and Maths GCSEs.



In a statement last year, Abbotsholme School headmaster Mr Fairclough admitted that last year’s results were “not as good” as previous years.

But he said he could not comeent on the Craddock case for legal reasons.