A mum of triplet toddlers has strict daily routine including pumping three litres of breast milk

Tanya Hall, 33, and her partner, Kris, 44 who both work in research and development, conceived her identical triplets naturally at 200-million-to-one odds in April 2019 and had a difficult pregnancy.

At 19 weeks Tanya had to undergo laser syndrome surgery - where a laser is used to disconnect the blood cells on the surface of the placenta.

It was because two of the triplets were diagnosed with twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) - a rare but fatal condition where the babies share just one placenta meaning one baby receives an overload of bloodflow and the others not enough.

Defying the odds, the babies were born six weeks early at 31 weeks on 26th April 2019 at Lancashire Women and Newborn Centre, Burnley, Lancashire.

Little Austin arrived first at 8.50pm weighing 4lbs 1oz, Rupert was next at 20.52pm weighing 2lbs 11oz and Ethan was born last at 8.54pm weighing 2lbs 9oz.

Now a cheeky trio, Tanya, from Hessle, North Yorkshire, UK, describes a day in the life with three-year-old triplet boys which involves lots of planning and a strict schedule.

"Austin is very independent and prides himself on being a good boy," she said.

"Ethan is the youngest but is the boss, he knows his own mind and is the dare devil, he leads the way.

"Rupert is very clever and energetic. He likes his own space. He even moved himself out of the triplet bedroom into the spare room."

The boys go to nursery on a Tuesday and Wednesday and on Monday and Thursday are looked after by grandparents, and the mum has Fridays off work to look after her boys.