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    david w
    And we were all taught that prevention is better than cure
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    V for Vendetta
    But the NHS will pay for tattoo removals............
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    Another example of a checklist TICK culture. It used be this way in former USSR, now they have changed and started using their common sense whereas we have embraced back old USSR style.
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    The NHS will pay to undo the damage caused by private surgeons on women's breast implants. They'll pay for kids and adults to change their genders. They're going to pay for e-cigarettes to help prisoners stop smoking. They'll pay overweight people to have their stomachs stitched up so they won't feel hungry. They'll pay for non-NHS patients from overseas to have their free treatment, and yet they won't pay for hearing implants for this little boy because he's not deaf enough!! Has the NHS gone mad?? It badly needs overhauling and NICE need their heads examining! T
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    But if he said he wanted to change into a girl, they'd have the cash available....because it's his 'Human right' to do that, but obviously not to be able to hear....PC madness....I'd advise the parents to start a crowdfunding page.
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    Utterly disgusting that a little boy is denied hearing but yes the NHS will perform cosmetic surgery and spend money on health tourists.
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    Trump was right ...Third World Country
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    The NHS killing machine is back at it. I refuse to use any services provided by the NHS! I do not care about the expense, my family will not receive treatment using the NHS.
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    Senior Moment
    Sounds like NICE are at it again.
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    So many people know better than his consultant.