'The Mummy': 5 Preview Scenes of Tom Cruise's Hero Battling Sofia Boutella's Monster

Tom Cruise and Annabelle Wallis in ‘The Mummy’ (Photo: Universal)

The Mummy is more than just Universal’s blockbuster June release — it’s an attempt to kickstart an entire interconnected “Dark Universe” movie series, which brings together all of its famed monsters (Dracula, Frankenstein’s creature, the Invisible Man, etc.) in a unified franchise. As such, the studio has a lot riding on the movie starring Tom Cruise, which arrives in theaters this Friday. Ahead of that bow, we now have five new advance clips from the feature (via Slashfilm), all of which underscore that director Alex Kurtzman will be skewing his material away from horror and toward action.

It goes without saying that spoilers follow in these five clips. First up, an early scene that introduces us to Cruise as Nick Morton, along with his banter-ready sidekick Chris Vail (Jake Johnson), which appears to take place before the discovery of the Mummy’s tomb:

Next, a prolonged look at an airplane catastrophe that stands to be one of the film’s standout set pieces, and which hints at the mysterious power that Cruise’s Morton seems to possess:

Russell Crowe’s Dr. Jekyll will be the glue binding the “Dark Universe,” as he runs a secret organization known as Prodigium that investigates, and looks to contain, the world’s most evil forces. Here, he gives the lowdown about his operation to Cruise’s Morton (and us too!):

If you want to know the origins of Sofia Boutella’s Mummy before seeing the movie, this clip will satisfy that craving:

Finally, we get an extended look at a bit featured in earlier trailers, which has Cruise facing off against Boutella’s supernatural baddie in the woods — and trying to take her down with a stick. Unsurprisingly, that’s a very dumb idea.

If those five clips whet your appetite for more (and haven’t suitably ruined some of the film’s forthcoming surprises), you can watch all of The Mummy when it rampages into theaters this Friday, June 9.

‘The Mummy’: Watch a trailer:

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