Mum's back pain ruled as rare cancer which she is fighting with 'unbelievable strength'

Much-loved mum Isabelle Collins is facing stage 4 cancer
-Credit: (Image: Handout)

A selfless mum-of-two with "unbelievable strength" has been told by doctors her back pain was actually a symptom of cancer.

Stockton's Isabelle 'Izzy' Collins, 30, is facing day to day life in excruciating pain after being diagnosed with Neuroendocrine tumours, which are hormone driven and can develop in many different organs of the body affecting the cells that release hormones into the blood stream.

She's been forced to take sick leave from her job working for LineIn, a healthcare company, and is receiving injections in a bid to stem the growth of the tumours.

The Teessider, a doting mum to Kaiya, 10, and one-year-old Violet, believed the back pain may have been from every day tasks such as lifting, and even swapped her mattress thinking that could be the cause.

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However, after a blood test the single mum was told the go to urgent care where she discovered the devastating news that she had stage 4 cancer. Her best friends, sisters Nieve Woodhouse, 24 and Emily Woodhouse, 29, have now launched a Gofundme to provide financial support for the family.

The Woodhouse sisters said the cancer has spread and the family is facing financial losses due to Isabelle being unable to work. Nieve said: "She thought her back pain might have been from the the way she was sleeping, so she got a new mattress. She had a test, which showed the inflammation in her bloods was really high. She went to urgent care and found she had cancer.

"Izzie has numerous tumours on her spine which are dangerously close to her spinal cord. Unfortunately for our beautiful best friend, it has spread from her pancreas to the bone - which has thrown the specialists.

"She has been in excruciating pain and over the past few months has shown unbelievable strength and positivity. She is the most kind-hearted, caring, selfless, thoughtful, generous person you will ever meet, who is now facing the toughest fight of her life. If we can help at this time to make it any less stressful then we will.

"We will fight this battle with her and do anything and everything we possibly can to help."

Nieve and Emily Woodhouse with best friend Isabelle Collins
Nieve and Emily Woodhouse with best friend Isabelle Collins -Credit:Handout

As well as monthly injections, Izzie will have scans every three to five months to see if they are working. She has also been offered radiotherapy in two of the areas causing her the most pain. More than £3,500 has already been raised of the £10,000 goal. To donate to the cause click here.