Mum's impeccably organised fridge goes viral

If only we could all be this organised [Photo: From Great Beginnings]

If your New Year’s resolution was to be more organised this year, it’s time to step up your game because fridge goals are now a thing.

After posting photos online of her immaculately clean and organised fridge, 26-year-old Adelaide woman, Iryna Federico, has given us all fridge envy.

But luckily for us, the DIY blogger has also shared her top tips to achieve this level of organisation.

“I keep everything in clear, BPA free plastic or glass containers and organise produce accordingly,” she revealed on her blog From Great Beginnings.

That’s some strong tupperware game [Photo: From Great Beginnings]

Iryna recommends using OXO containers that come with removable drainage baskets to her keep produce fresh for longer and neatly stocked away.

“These things are amazing…you can come home from the grocery store, wash everything and put it away!” She wrote.

She typically purchases her containers from Howards Storage world or Peter’s of Kensington, regularly looking out for special deals.

Speaking with Iryna then said she labels all of her containers with a chalk pen that can be purchased at newsagents and stationary stores.

And unlike most of us who leave our herbs to wilt away, Iryna revealed the reason she keeps hers sitting in water instead.

“Putting the herbs in water helps them last longer. I just use old vases — it’s something I’ve always done,” Iryna told

It all sounds pretty simple, right?

Iryna Federico provides more DIY organisation hacks on her blog From Great Beginnings.

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