Mum's relaxing cruise with friends was struck with disaster when she woke to find her room flooding like a scene from TITANIC

A mum on a cruise was extremely worried when she woke to find water gushing through her room "like a scene from Titanic".

Social worker Adrienne Walk, 34, went on a Caribbean cruise with her sister and two pals.

The mum-of-three went to bed early ahead of a snorkelling trip the following morning, but woke up to the sound of dripping.

They stepped out of their room to see the hallway and all the rooms around them flooded up to the ankles - with the water rising.

Adrienne feared the ship was sinking - but she was relieved to learn later the flood was due to a burst pipe.

Adrienne, from Austin, Texas, said: "I didn't notice anything until one of my friends asked 'why do I hear water running?'

"At first when we saw all the water, we worried everyone was going to have drowned!

"We looked out onto our balcony and expected to see the ocean because we thought we were sinking.

"There were ten minutes where I thought we were going to die at sea - it was a 'life flashing before your eyes' situation.

"I had visions of us floating around in the ocean until someone comes to rescue us, like in Titanic.

"It went up to our ankles - it was more than just 'a little bit damp'.

"I stepped out into the hall and could see maybe 20 rooms as flooded as ours.

"Water was everywhere, like a Titanic situation.

"I was thinking my kids would have to tell their friends their mum died on a cruise ship."

Adrienne, sister Renee, and their friends Bianca and Faith, joined the cruise three days before the flood which happened on August 16.

After ten minutes of fearing the worst, the group and all the other people on board were told they weren't sinking - a pipe had burst.

The water had broken the door down of the room where the pipe had burst, meaning it had flooded out into the corridor and all the other rooms nearby.

Adrienne said: "Once I realised we weren't sinking, I couldn't really be upset about anything.

"It was more the 'life flashing before your eyes' situation. Thinking you'll die at sea."

The following day they were re-homed to a clean, dry room and all their wet clothes were cleaned and dried for them.

They missed the snorkelling excursion - but luckily managed to enjoy the rest of the cruise after that.

Adrienne added: "We were definitely excited for the cruise to get a break from regular life - but not like that!"