Mum's selfless gesture to Taylor Swift fans after being told she's dying

Laura and her husband Danny say Clatterbridge Cancer Centre has been a big part of their lives
-Credit: (Image: Handout)

A mum who discovered she had incurable cancer while pregnant has made a heartfelt gesture to Taylor Swift fans.

Laura Mahon, 32, from St Helens, was 20 weeks pregnant when she was diagnosed with a fast-growing brain cancer called glioblastoma. She first realised something was wrong in September 2021 when she woke up and couldn't move her toes.

When she reported the numbness in her toes, doctors initially thought her baby was lying on a nerve and sent her for an MRI scan. But the machine revealed the devastating truth of her stage four brain tumour.

Laura suddenly became very ill when she was 27 weeks pregnant and she and her husband Danny, 30, made the "toughest decision of their lives" to bring their daughter into the world at 30 weeks.

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The couple's daughter Sienna was born on November 30 2021 weighing just 3.4lbs at Warrington Hospital. Despite her own health battle, Laura discharged herself from hospital to be with Sienna as she developed pneumothorax - a collapsed lung.

On December 9 2021, a new MRI revealed Laura's tumour had nearly doubled in size. The young family were dealt the devastating blow when they heard the tumour was inoperable because it was on her motor cortex and could not be removed safely.

Laura and Danny with Sienna on their wedding day
Laura and Danny with Sienna on their wedding day -Credit:Handout

Laura previously told The ECHO: "Being told at 29 that you have inoperable stage four brain cancer and have just two years to live is something you can never prepare yourself for. Hearing that said out loud was a moment I'll never forget."

Laura has spent the last two and a half years undergoing radiotherapy and chemotherapy at the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre in Liverpool. The young mum's condition took a turn for the worse in January this year, with a reoccurrence of the glioblastoma.

Laura explained: "I recently found out that radiotherapy didn't work, so I'm now back on chemo."

In the face of this setback, Laura and Danny say they just want to "make the most of every day" together as a family. Speaking to the ECHO yesterday, June 4, Laura said: "It's just about making memories together."

Determined to focus her energies on something positive, she came up with an ingenious way of raising money for the Clatterbridge Centre through her love of Taylor Swift.

The family at Clatterbridge Hospital
The family at Clatterbridge Hospital -Credit:Handout

Laura is a self-described 'Swiftie', who first went to see Taylor perform live ten years ago at Wembley Stadium. She said: "I just love everything about her - not only her music, but also the way she presents herself as person. She's my bigggest inspiration and I listen to her music every day."

Last year, excited at the prospect of Taylor coming to Liverpool, Laura snapped up two general admission tickets for the Anfield concert on June 13.

She explained: "I didn't think I'd make it to see the concert. Statistically, I shouldn't be here. But I set milestones in head to get me through. This one was a big one for me, seeing Taylor. I'm absolutely made up I'm still here."

But she and Danny won't be using those tickets themselves. As a result of her condition, Laura is eligible for accessible tickets for the show. With the general admission tickets already bought, she decided to apply for two accessible tickets and raffle off the general admission tickets in aid of Clatterbridge.

Taylor Swift fan Laura posing outside St George's Hall
Taylor Swift fan Laura posing outside St George's Hall -Credit:Handout

Laura said: "There are so many wonderful charities who have helped us over the years, but Clatterbridge is the cause closest to our hearts. It's a really special hospital. I spent 14 nights on the ward there.

"The staff are just lovely and made us feel so welcome. I’m so thankful we have this hospital so close to us."

Speaking to the ECHO on Tuesday night, Danny said the raffle had only been up for 24 hours, but had already made over £1,500 for Clatterbridge. He said: "It'll be open for a week and will close Saturday (June 8) at midnight."

He said: "It's for a great cause, as well as giving you a chance to see Taylor Swift."

Raffle tickets cost £10 and entrants can buy as many tickets as they like. A random number generator will pick the lucky winner, which will be announced live on Sunday on TikTok and Instagram.

To participate in the raffle, visit Laura's Instagram page, where you can find details on how to enter.

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