Mum's thanks to GP surgery staff who saved baby's life after he 'stopped breathing'

Family - Stan and Sophie Wrenn, with little Ryleigh at two weeks old <i>(Image: Sophie Wrenn)</i>
Family - Stan and Sophie Wrenn, with little Ryleigh at two weeks old (Image: Sophie Wrenn)

A GRATEFUL mum whose baby stopped breathing in her arms has praised the GP surgery staff who saved his life as she admitted “she was in the right place at the right time”.

Ryleigh Wrenn, aged just 12 weeks, weighed a tiny 2lbs 12oz at birth – as heavy as a carton of milk.

When his worried parents noticed he was developing a cough at around 3.45pm on Friday, November 25, they called their GP surgery for advice.

They were booked in for an appointment at Mayflower Medical Centre, Harwich, at 4.30pm.

But things took a devastating turn shortly after the family entered the duty nurse’s room that afternoon.

Mum Sophie Wrenn, 26, said: “His colour just changed, as we got him out of the car seat he just stopped breathing in my arms.

“The nurse then took him off me.

“He went into respiratory arrest, he stopped breathing. Then he went into cardiac arrest four times over the space of 15 minutes.”

The small room became a hive of activity, as doctors performed CPR on Ryleigh.

“I was literally howling,” said Sophie.

“I couldn’t watch what was going on, I had to leave the room. I thought: ‘I can’t do this’.

“The staff, the receptionists, the nurses, they all comforted me while all this was going on.

“The doctor who saved his life came out and said: ‘He’s breathing again’.”

Ryleigh was blue-lighted to Colchester Hospital, where he was immediately whisked to the resuscitation area of the accident and emergency department.

Sophie said: “At the hospital, the room was full of consultants and doctors.

“Everyone kept us informed about anything that was happening.

“He had X-rays done, they found there was mucus in his chest. He was found to have three viruses, he had a chest infection and he had bronchiolitis.”

Ryleigh stopped breathing again and was intubated, before being transferred to Great Ormond Street Hospital, in London.

Alongside her husband and Ryleigh’s dad Stan, 26, Sophie is staying in London while she anxiously awaits further news.

“He has turned a bit of a corner, but is still poorly,” Sophie.

“But he is doing a lot better than what he was.

“They are looking at transferring him back to Colchester in next few days. We’ve been staying [in London] since.”

Reflecting on the life-saving treatment provided at the GP practice, Sophie added: “I can’t even put into words to be honest. They were all amazing and really all I can say is thank you.”