Murder Suspect Recaptured After Being Mistakenly Released From LA Jail

A murder suspect mistakenly set free from jail in Los Angeles was recaptured in Cypress on Monday, March 29, after a manhunt that lasted just under three weeks, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said.

The sheriff’s office said it worked with the Long Beach Police Department and United States Marshall to search for the man, named as Steven Manzo, who was released from custody on March 9.

Manzo was arrested after investigators carried out a “high-risk traffic stop” after spotting Manzo in a grey Nissan Sentra with several others, police said.

Authorities released video of the moment he was recaptured.

Manzo is now in the custody of Long Beach police, and is being held on more than $4 million bail, police said.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said that it had not “erroneously released” Manzo, but had received a court order for his release.

Local media said the court was “reviewing the situation” to ensure it did not happen again. Credit: LA County Sheriff via Storyful