Murderer jailed for life after stabbing wrong man in botched revenge attack

Murderer Remee Jarrett (left) and his innocent victim Reuben Morris-Laing (right) (Nottinghamshire Police)
Murderer Remee Jarrett (left) and his innocent victim Reuben Morris-Laing (right) (Nottinghamshire Police)

A murderer who stabbed an innocent man before saying ‘soz bro’ to his victim has been jailed for life.

Remee Jarret killed Reuben Morris-Laing in a botched revenge stabbing.

Jarrett apologised to his 21-year-old victim before also stabbing his intended target in the back and arm.

The killer will serve a minimum of 22 years and 189 days.

The 30-year-old was carrying a knife when by chance he saw a man who he claimed had previously stabbed him.

After seeing him inside a Nottingham convenience store Jarrett waited for the man to come out.

However, he fatally stabbed Mr Morris-Laing who just happened to be the first person to leave the shop.

Mr Morris-Laing suffered a single stab wound to his abdomen and collapsed outside the shop.

The incident happened last March.

Jarrett and the second victim fled the scene but after the police identified the other man to be stabbed they eventually tracked down the murderer.

He pleaded guilty in court.

Mr Morris-Laing’s mother said after sentencing: ‘Reuben was a much-loved and well-liked, hard-working young man. He had hopes and dreams. He had a future.

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‘Much loved’ Reuben Morris-Laing (Nottinghamshire Police)
‘Much loved’ Reuben Morris-Laing (Nottinghamshire Police)

‘Sentence has been passed today but that does not ease our pain. Of course for me no sentence can ever be enough. I want my son back. No one can give me that. There simply are not enough words to describe the enormity of the loss we feel.’

She added: ‘Jarrett has shown no remorse for his actions. He is nothing but a violent, cold killer.’

Mr Morris-Laing’s father Shane Morris said: ‘I feel I have two lives, the life that was mine before 22 March 2017 and the life that has followed since that date.’

He added that Jarrett should never be freed.

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