Mushroom macchiatos: The calm coffee revolution hitting London

Susannah Butter
Get a ‘shroom: The funghi coffee at East London Juice Company

The coffee at the East London Juice Company has an extra kick to it. The base is Workshop coffee but it also contains adaptogens or, as they are more commonly known, mushrooms. The ’shroom latte uses local mushrooms, foraged from just outside London, and home-made “mylk”, produced from organic Spanish almonds.

There’s raw coconut sugar for those who want to sweeten their drink, or maple syrup, yacon and stevia. The founders recommend adding maca ghee during the full moon as it is believed to have nurturing energy.

The mushroom coffee tastes warming in a similar way to a latte, with a hint of earthiness. Founder Charisse Baker says: “You walk away feeling a little more ready to deal with city life.”

She first came across the drink in the Canadian wilderness when a shaman served it to her. The mushrooms are believed to help boost brain function and keep you alert and are the latest way that coffee is being re-invented. We’ve had turmeric golden lattes, unicorn versions with spirulina and algae, now we are going back to the forest floor.

At Curators Coffee you can get your espresso with a syringe of mushroom consommé on the side. The umami flavour of the funghi accentuates the coffee taste. Founder Catherine Seay says: “You wouldn’t order the mushroom coffee every day but it can awaken the palate and make you taste your usual coffee differently.”

It’s one way to up your vegetable intake and counteract any coffee-induced headiness.

Four Sigmatic sells it to make at home with bold claims that the ’shrooms can counter any anxiety and hyperactivity brought about by the caffeine. Magic.