Music Box season 2, session #20: Enter Shikari

Roisin O'Connor

We managed to squeeze Enter Shikari into the Music Box studio for one of our most ambitious sessions to date.

The British rock band are playing a massive show at Alexandra Palace in London on 25 November as part of their biggest arena tour to date.

Ahead of that we wanted to see how some of the tracks off their brilliant new album The Spark sounded stripped-down.

Back in September we ran an interview with frontman Rou Reynolds about the record, where he spoke about how he'd wanted to marry the personal and political to lay human vulnerability bare.

"I think that not doing that is one of the big reasons you get people like Donald Trump," he said.

"This is a man who’s been told that he cannot look vulnerable at any point, he cannot express himself. Went to military school, has constantly been told to “man up”, and that repressed emotion has to come out somewhere, so it comes out in anger…"

Enter Shikari played "Undercover Agents," "Live Outside" and "Take My Country Back" - check out their session above.

They play Alexandra Palace in London on 25 November - tickets here - their fifth album The Spark is out now.

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Thanks to: Enter Shikari, Sarah Pearson, Ian Johnsen, Play It Again Sam Records, and The Independent video team