Music ‘should be up there with English, maths and PE’ in school – Gabrielle

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Gabrielle has said music lessons in schools should be considered as important as English, maths and PE.

The Dreams singer, 51, told the PA news agency it was “every child’s right” to have access to music teaching.

She was taking part in The Virtual Big Sing 2021 campaign, which gives children access to free live-streamed performances.

The campaign, which is also being supported by Professor Green, Aston Merrygold, Nathan Evans and MNEK, aims to promote music teaching in schools.

Gabrielle said: “You wouldn’t take away maths.

“We have got sports, yes that’s important, but equally important is the idea that if a child is musical and they want a relaxed space to learn and grow then in terms of mental health and things like that, to me it can only help.

“We need to let them know we are behind you.”

She said: “We have gone through some troubled times and if you are starting saying right, only a limited few can do music, then what about those that actually would love to do it?

“It should be up there along with your English, your maths, your PE and whatever other things that you are taught.”

The 2008 Ivor Novello Awards – London
Gabrielle said opportunities for young people to enter the music industry were ‘endless’ thanks to the internet (Yui Mok/PA)

The singer added that the opportunities for young people to enter the music industry were “endless” thanks to the internet.

“Up and coming artists are not going directly to record companies,” Gabrielle said.

“They are starting their own channels and they are on YouTube and now the labels and companies are coming to them so I think we are in a better position as opposed to my time.”

Gabrielle also said coronavirus restrictions should no longer stop music events going ahead, adding: “It’s our time.

“We need to forge ahead, stand together and say we are not going to be accepting of these rules, especially as they have done their mass rollout, we were waiting for the vaccine, so we can be as safe as possible.”

Mass events without social distancing are currently scheduled to be allowed from July 19.

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