Music industry welcomes scrapping of visas for short-term tours in Spain

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The music industry has welcomed the decision of the Spanish government to scrap visa requirements for UK artists on short-term tours.

UK Music said the move, which means musicians and their crew will no longer require visas for engagements of less than 90 days, was a “big victory”.

The organisation described the visa requirements as “costly and bureaucratic barriers that threatened the industry’s talent pipeline”.

Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries said the decision was “really great news”.

“We’ve been working closely with the Spanish government to make touring easier – and they’ve just confirmed that musicians no longer need visas to go on short-term tours,” she said.

“21 Member States now offer visa & permit-free routes for touring performers. 6 more to go.”

UK Music chief executive Jamie Njoku-Goodwin also welcomed the news but said problems still remained, including cabotage – the transport of goods or passengers between two places in the same country by a foreign operator.

“The lifting of visa restrictions by the Spanish government is a hugely welcome move,” he said.

“It marks a big victory for all our members and reflects all the effort we have put in trying to get rid of these barriers.

“However, it is important to remember that major issues still remain, particularly cabotage, which makes many tours impossible.

“We will continue to press the case with the Government here and with EU nations to remove all the costly and bureaucratic restrictions that remain when it comes to touring the EU.”

He added: “It is vital for our economy and exports that musicians and crew can tour freely, grow their fan base and share the very best of British music across Europe and the rest of the world.”

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