Music Teacher Toots Trombone to Scare Bear Away From British Columbia School

A black bear that loitered outside a classroom in rural British Columbia was shooed away by a music teacher playing trombone on May 27.

Video recorded by Makayla Mitchell at St. John’s Academy in Shawnigan Lake shows a bear lingering atop a wooden structure containing a garbage bin. In the footage, a science teacher can be heard banging on a door, Mitchell told Storyful. While the loud noises initially startled the bear, it was only when the school’s music teacher blew on his trombone that the animal scurried away.

Tristan Clausen, the music teacher from St. John’s Academy, took to social media to comment on the incident.

“Rural teaching: I just chased a bear away with a trombone,” Clausen posted to Facebook that day. Credit: Makayla Mitchell via Storyful

Video transcript

- I have never seen a bear before, dude.

- It's a real live bear. Oh! It's cute! Wow! Oh, [INAUDIBLE], do you see the bear?

- Yeah, but my camera's not working. Oh, there it is.

- Take a deep breath. [LAUGHS] Look at the bear. I could pet-- it's a cute-- I could pet it. It's not even a danger.

- It would literally kill you.

- No, it's a good-- it's not even a danger.

- If it set up on its haunches, it would probably be about my height, and then I would just [INAUDIBLE].

- Oh, my god, that's so wild.

- Don't call it over!


- You're like, what? Come inside.

- Wow! I'm gonna show my mom.

- It probably thinks that we're, like--

- I'm just going to-- I'm just gonna call to Chris--

- It's just so hungry though.

- --and let him know that the bear is there.

- I'm going to show Vicki. He's going to be so hyped.

- Oh, my god!

- Why doesn't it just jump--

- I know.

- That's what I'm worried about, is--

- I don't know, maybe it sees us, and it's like, I don't want to be bothered with that.


- Yeah, go away, bear.

- Go! Hey! [POUNDING]

- Aw!

- It's actually going [INAUDIBLE].

- Damn! She's like, nope!


- Go away!

- Everyone thinks I'm going on a bear hunt.


- Go away.


- Oh, but it's so cute.

- Yeah! Yeah, [INAUDIBLE].


- Oh, that's so funny. Oh, my god!

- Bye, bye!

- The poor thing is probably so scared.


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