Musician ended life following death of his parents, inquest hears

Musician ended life following death of his parents, inquest hears <i>(Image: Archant)</i>
Musician ended life following death of his parents, inquest hears (Image: Archant)

A Pembrokeshire musician took his life after losing his parents, an inquest has heard.

Shaun Dove of St Davids was known as a talented instrumentalist, playing the guitar and piano and singing.

In his early life he travelled widely. He also enjoyed photography, writing poetry, skateboarding and surfing.

The inquest heard that 60-year-old Mr Dove had never settled down and longed for somebody to share his life with.

He cared for both his parents and lived with his mother, who suffered from dementia for 12 years in order to care for her.

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Coroner’s officer PC James Lang told the inquest that during this time he became sleep deprived, isolated, exhausted and lonely.

After the death of his parents he was diagnosed with reactive depression and prescribed medication for this.

He was open about his depression and had written poetry describing it.

The inquest heard that he felt stressed about putting his parents’ home on the market after their death. It had become run down and he wanted to fix it and decorate it.

In the days before he died a friend had come to help him move items out of the house. Mr Dove had been low and had said that he couldn’t see a future, was frightened of the future and that he had nobody to share his life with.

His friend did his best to offer him reassurance.

At 5.43 on April 18 another friend came to the house and found the key in the door. She found Mr Dove in the kitchen. Emergency services were called but life was pronounced extinct.

An 11-page letter was found at the address in which Mr Dove indicated his intention to end his life. Information on his mobile phone also confirmed this intention.

A post-mortem gave the cause of death as asphyxia and hanging.

Coroner’s officer Gareth Lewis said: “Mr Dove was struggling to cope with the depression that had plagued him during his adult life, particularly since the passing of his mother in 2019. He has taken intentional and deliberate steps to end his life.”

He extended his sympathies to Mr Dove’s friends and family.