Mutemath Frontman’s Adorable, Awesome 5-Year-Old Daughter Steals the Show at Voodoo Festival Friday

Lyndsey Parker
Editor-in-Chief, Music

When brainy glitch-pop band Mutemath played the Voodoo Music + Arts Experience this Friday, frontman Paul Meany kept it in the family — just as he did when the group first performed at the New Orleans festival in 2006. Back then, it was Meany’s grandfather, affectionately known as “Papa G,” who joined Mutemath onstage. This year, it was time for Meany’s 5-year-old daughter to make her big Voodoo debut. And she did her dad, and her great-grandpa, proud.

“We played this festival for the first time 10 years ago, and on this very stage, my grandfather joined us — made his debut as Papa G. He’s no longer with us, but I’d like to dedicate this next song to him, and to help me do that I’d like to bring out my little girl,” Meany announced, before the group tore into the gonzo instrumental jam “Reset.”

“This is my Amelia. This is for Papa G!”

What was impressive about the adorable Amelia’s performance wasn’t just how completely confident and unrattled she was in front of a main-stage audience of thousands, but how hard she rocked, even on a Barbie-pink toy guitar. The girl had the moves, the stage presence, the swagger… she’ll probably be headlining Voodoo’s Altar Stage herself in another 10 years.

Check out Papa G’s 2006 Voodoo cameo in the nostalgic video below, and tune in all weekend for Yahoo Music’s Voodoo Music + Arts Experience live stream at