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My 63-year-old mom swears by this Clinique eye de-puffer to brighten her undereyes

She uses the Clinique All About Eyes serum to help with fine lines and dark, baggy under eyes.

I'll get right to the point: At 63, my mom looks like she's in her early 50s. I'm not just saying that because I'm her daughter — everyone is shocked when learn her age. The secret is in her skin care. Specifically, the Clinique All About Eyes Serum and diligently applying sunscreen.

Since she first used the Clinique product fifteen years ago, she's noticed real results when it comes to her previously puffy and baggy under-eye. It even saved her wedding day (more on that below), which is why she always keeps one in her fridge, one in her makeup bag and an extra one in her cabinet just in case she runs out. Basically, my mom and the Clinique All About Eyes Serum are the same as Taylor Swift and red lipstick — you can't separate the two, and you never will.

Here's the gist: The Clinique serum is a de-puffing rollerball that massages away under eye bags while also brightening and refreshing the area. With consistent use, my mom noticed her fine lines start to diminish and her dark under eyes become, well, less dark.

The roller ball only touches the eye area, meaning you never have to worry about dirty fingers with this baby. 

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So, what makes this Clinique eye serum so great? Beyond the rollerball massager, the formula features invigorating caffeine and antioxidants that immediately work to de-puff and brighten your eyes. While it's not a miracle worker (no product is), my mom has noticed a major difference when she doesn't use it.

Her passionate devotion for the Clinique eye serum paid off on her recent wedding day. If you've ever been a bride — or in a bridal party — you know just how early and stressful the pre-wedding hair and makeup session can be. After waking up at the crack of dawn, my mom was getting her makeup done and had a terrible allergic reaction to the concealer formula used under her eyes. I'm talking immediate stinging, swelling, itching and an intense redness like I've never seen before.

After a brief moment of panic, she wiped off the concealer, ran to the fridge and methodically rolled on the Clinique eye serum. Then she plopped on her trusty Dieux Forever Eye Mask, took a deep breath and trusted the process. About five minutes later, she took the reusable eye masks off and her eyes were back to their normal bright, awake and de-puffed state. Hours later, the wedding went smoothly and her makeup looked flawless.

Stories like that is why, without fail, I will always find one in my stocking on Christmas morning. And even though I'm only 29 and am more concerned with preventing fine lines, I also noticed my dark and puffy under eyes brighten. Plus, the soothing routine of rolling it under my eyes first thing in the morning is just incredible.

Model using clinique all about eyes serum on their under eye next to a tube of the serum on a green background.
The swipe-and-repeat motion is so relaxing. (Amazon)

Look, I could wax poetic about why my mom and I are obsessed with the Clinique All About Eyes Serum, but we're not the only ones buying it again and again. Amazon shoppers have given it an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, with 1,700 perfect five-star reviews. One shopper shared that they have "used this product for over 30 years, and at 84, my eyes look great."

"I suffer with seasonal allergies and chronic insomnia, hence the dark, puffy circles under my eyes. I've tried EVERYTHING to get rid of the embarrassing problem," began another five-star Amazon reviewer. "I couldn't wait to get my hands on this product. I was absolutely amazed with the fast results. ... I'm a big fan of Clinique products ... I highly recommend this product.

Even more shoppers love that it can "fit in your pocketbook" and that the applicator "makes it so easy to use."

Not only do other shoppers love it, we're not the only mother-daughter pair regularly gifting the serum. A five-star Sephora reviewer wrote: "I love this product so much that my mom buys me this each year for Christmas, and that bottle lasts for most of the year before I have to pull out a deluxe sample or buy another to hold me over until Christmas again."

The same reviewer continues by writing that their eyes feel "moisturized, but not heavy, all day when I use this."

I'll leave you with one final review: "The three things I can't live without though are a good coverup for blemishes, a lightweight moisturizer with SPF, and All About Eyes."

Stick it in the fridge for an extra de-puffing boost. 

$39 at Amazon
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$39 at Macy's$39 at Sephora

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