Myleene Klass, 44, praises fiancé Simon Motson getting a vasectomy following her four miscarriages

<span class="caption">Mylenne Klass, 44, praises husband's vasectomy </span><span class="photo-credit">Getty | Myleene Klass, Instagram</span>
Mylenne Klass, 44, praises husband's vasectomy Getty | Myleene Klass, Instagram

Myleene Klass has revealed that her fiancé Simon Motson, 47, has undergone a vasectomy, via her social media.

The presenter and classically-trained musician 44, praised Simon for having the procedure to 'give her body a break' following the four miscarriages she went through before welcoming son Apollo in 2019. Via her Instagram Stories, Myleene opened up to her followers.

'If you've followed me for a while, you'll know about my story to get my rainbow baby Apollo and the four heartbreaking miscarriages I suffered before I finally got to hold him in my arms,' she wrote.

'The amount of drugs, the toll it took on my body, my head and my heart, the after effects, it's a lot on the woman and men often admit to feeling helpless.'

'Whilst Child birth is undeniably all on the woman, birth control should be on both parties. My doctor said my body needed a rest, so...'

Then, adding a playful twist, Myleene cut to a video os Simon walking - not entirely smoothly - out of what appears to be a clinic door before adding the caption: 'Guess what I got for Christmas.'

Myleene then let her followers in further on the lasting toll caused by her multiple miscarriages and Simon's motivation for having the vasectomy.

'He said my body had been through enough so it was HIS turn to do his bit. Fair play,' she wrote, before adding that she knows his decision wouldn't be a popular one among many men.

A vasectomy is a surgical procedure where a specialist cuts or seals the tubes that transport a man's sperm with a view to permanently prevent pregnancy.

Consequently, a man's semen then doesn't contain sperm - the element needed for him to get a woman pregnant.

The procedure is low risk and generally takes a few days to recover from.

If so desired, vasectomy can be reversed.

'Loads of my friends have confided their husbands would never do this for them despite not planning more kids.'

As Myleene continued, it appears that a desire to not take anymore birth control medication, specifically, was a key desire.

'I put my body through so much to get our son and stay pregnant. the drugs play havoc with you, even the birth control ones so now I get to give my body a rest.'

'Huge respect for being ballsy enough to do this for us. Some men just get it. Love him so much.'

Then after admitting her Stories were 'blowing up', Myleene jumped back online to say: 'The drugs I took to keep our son after losing four babies and the toll it took on my body followed by further birth control, it’s such a lot. It can’t all be on the woman.'

Finally she quipped: 'Not all hero's wear capes. Some wear a dressing and tight pants for two days.'

Myleene also has two daughters - Ava, 14, and Hero, 11 - with ex-husband Graham Quinn. However she's previously said she is a 'mama to seven babies' - including 'four little stars in the sky' - referencing the strong emotional tie she still feels to the four babies she lost via miscarriage before 'rainbow baby' Apollo was born.

Respect to Myleene for being so open and normalising the idea that both parents should consider sharing the responsibility for family planning.

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