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Telling a joke

‘This one is my favourite. It came out looking close enough to the original photo that it didn’t require a whole lot of heavy editing. But I also like it because it just kind of looks natural and it looks like the older version of myself told the younger version a joke and we’re laughing about it.’ (Conor Nickerson)

'Myself hanging out with myself' student edits self into old photos and the results are incredible

When 20-year-old Conor Nickerson went home for Spring Break, he discovered some photos from when he was growing up.

Nickerson, a Montreal-based photographer and musician, decided to see if he could edit a grown up version of himself into his childhood pictures.

Learning only from Youtube tutorials and trial and error, he taught himself the Photoshop skills necessary to make his photos look entirely authentic.

‘I did something similar last year with this project called “Then and Now”, where I recreated historical photographs in and around Montreal,’ Nickerson told Yahoo News UK.

‘In the project, I let the user slide back and forth between the new and the old picture to see what changed over time. I wanted to see if I could do the same thing, but in this case I would be putting myself into these pictures of myself. 

‘I also had the other challenge of trying to make it look realistic – so it wasn’t just a Photoshop-added photo, but actually like it was a photo that was taken a long time ago.’

He uploaded the photoset to his website, before also posting it on Reddit.

The post now has more than 1400 comments and has been ‘upvoted’ thousands of times.

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