Mysterious City In The Sky Gets Conspiracy Theorists Abuzz

This strange, hazy photo appears to show a city floating in the clouds, skyscrapers literally scraping the sky.

But these are illusions created by cloud formations over a city in China this week.

Lasting just a few minutes, the phenomenon is apparently down to an optical illusion known as Fata Morgana. This causes objects to appear distorted as rays of light bend when passing through layers of different temperatures in the air.

More excitable theorists suggested that the footage is evidence of “Project Blue Beam technology” and all part of Nasa’s secret plan to create a new religion headed up by the Antichrist which it is apparently running alongside its trips into outer space.

Others suggested it could be evidence of a parallel universe.

Failing all that, it could just be another of the internet’s many hoaxes. Despite being shown on Chinese television, this video is the only piece of evidence to suggest that the phenomenon appeared.