Mystery over heartbreaking message in a bottle

The message in the bottle was round in the Thames in the UK. Source: Twitter/James Herring

A man who found a message in a bottle is calling for people to help try and solve the mystery.

James Herring and his son found the message while boating on the Thames.

After fishing a green bottle out of the water, Mr Herring discovered a note inside.

“To whoever finds this message, this is in memory of a dead son and brother who died of a broken heart two years after his beloved Lisa,” the message read.

The message pays tribute to a loving couple. Source: Twitter/James Herring

“He loved her so, so much. They had a passion for travel and one of their favourite songs was ‘somewhere beyond the sea, somewhere waiting for me, my lover stands on golden sand and watches the ships that go sailing’.

“So this is your final adventure Jon, your last journey to paradise and Lisa waiting on those golden sands – together forever.”

The note asks the person who finds the note to light a candle for the loving couple.

Mr Herring posted the note to Twitter and said he lit the candle and played the couple’s tune.


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Many people have commented on the tweet to try and help crack the case. Some are suggesting the note has come from America because of the US spelling of “favorite”.

Others said they would also light a candle and play the song to honour the couple.

Mr Herring said on Twitter he had not yet found out any more information about the heartbreaking message.