Mystery humming in Halifax village for a year sparks calls for council investigation

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The mystery humming has reportely been heard by residents of Holmfield, Halifax, for a year. (Geograph/Humphrey Bolton/Creative Commons)
The mystery humming has reportedly been heard by residents of Holmfield, Halifax, for a year. (Geograph/Humphrey Bolton/Creative Commons)

Residents of a village in Halifax have urged officials not to give up investigating the source of a mysterious humming that has plagued them for a year.

The low-level noise has left villages in Holmfield unable to sleep and has damaged their health, according to the BBC.

Calderdale Council and Bradford Metropolitan Council have been attempting to get to the source of the humming, which some residents believe is coming from local industrial units.

But locals fear that the local authorities are now getting ready to stand down their investigation and a petition urging them to continue has so far gathered 400 signatures.

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One resident, Yvonne Conner, told the BBC that the sound was being detrimental to her health, adding that some neighbours were booking weekends away to escape it.

She explained: ”It's causing issues for people such as lack of sleep, headaches and pressure to the front of the head, foggy brain, painful ears, stress and anxiety which has led to me having a case of shingles.

"Residents have been unable to relax in their own home for nearly a year. The noise is continuous day and night.”

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Calderdale Council councillor Scott Patient told a recent local council meeting that the investigations are ongoing.

He said that “tenable inquiries” were still being made and that “as long as this exists [they] will continue to investigate”.

Patient added: “Our enquiries to date show there are several noises from more than one location, and some of the issues cross over into the border with Bradford. Some of the noises have been identified and mitigated, however there remain a number of unresolved sources of noise.

“Officers from Calderdale and Bradford Councils continue to work together to investigate and have visited the areas during the day, at night and at weekends. We continue to assess the situation and are working with the community, local Councillors and the MP.

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