Mystery Man Shovels Stranger's Snowy Driveway in Lubbock, Texas

A Ring camera captured the moment a stranger in Lubbock, Texas, shoveled resident Jade Champion’s porch and driveway on February 17 after extreme winter weather paralyzed the region.

Champion originally shared the footage to Facebook asking for help identifying the kind stranger.

Champion told Storyful she had been using a piece of cardboard to shovel snow out of her garage. When she went back inside, her Ring camera went off. She expected it to be the mailman, but it was instead someone shoveling her driveway.

In her original Facebook post, Champion wrote that she’d like to find the man to, “Give them a hug and buy them dinner.”

The recent weather brought North Texas its first-ever wind chill warning, according to reports, as well as power outages across the state. Credit: Jade Champion via Storyful