Mystery surrounds Swindon hotel becoming closed to general public

Thistle Express.
Thistle Express.

A TOWN centre hotel has stopped allowing members of the general public to book rooms.

The Thistle Express on the corner of Fleming Way and Islington Street is no longer letting people stay the night except for very specific circumstances.

Every date after September 26 has been crossed out on the website to indicate that no guests can check in at any point in the foreseeable future.

The Adver went into the main entrance of the hotel earlier today to investigate. Cars were still parking in the small bay outside.

A member of staff said the building is now "a quarantine hotel" so only certain people were allowed to be in there for safety reasons, and anyone else would need to leave.

The quarantine is unlikely to be Covid-related as there are currently no coronavirus red list restrictions in place for travel to England.

The Adver has approached the hotel chain for comment on the situation.

Thistle Express