N-Dubz on their comeback: We were made for TikTok

N-Dubz have said they are “made for TikTok” and promised their presence on the social media platform will be “mad” now they have reformed.

The hip hop group announced the end of their decade-long hiatus on social media earlier this month.

Rappers Dappy, real name Costadinos Contostavlos, his cousin Tulisa Contostavlos and Fazer, real name Richard Rawson, appeared on BBC Radio 1Xtra to discuss their plans.

N-Dubz talk to Reece Parkinson on BBC Radio 1Xtra in New Broadcasting House (Mark Allan/BBC/PA)
N-Dubz talk to Reece Parkinson on BBC Radio 1Xtra in New Broadcasting House (Mark Allan/BBC/PA)

Their surprise announcement was followed by the release of new single Charmer and a tour is planned for November 2022.

Dappy told host Reece Parkinson: “Don’t worry, you’ll see what we’ve got planned. Now there’s social media, you can just drop a freestyle.

“Just watch what we’ve got for you. There’s TikTok and that. It’s so exciting.”

Fazer added: “N-Dubz was made for TikTok. The back and forth thing. Imagine the recreation videos that are gonna happen. It’s going to be mad.”

Asked about the most important advice they could give younger artists, Dappy said: “Money management is very important.”

Tulisa added: “Live within your means. Make sure you invest your money. Look around you if you’ve got friends or people that you love and ask who can help you, what you can do with it.

“Make sure your money is making money before you start spending it. That is my biggest word of advice to all of the youth of today.”

Fazer also discussed being treated “like an alien” when returning to his childhood home of Camden Town, north London, after finding fame.

He said: “When you get to a certain level, people treat you like an alien, like you’re not human. Coming from where I grew up I had certain teething issues.

“Because I didn’t know if people were looking at me because they knew me or because they had a problem. And it got me into sticky situations.

“So I’d say to people don’t put yourself in situations you don’t need to be in. You do this to get out of the hood, not stay in the hood.”

The band’s first two albums, Uncle B and Against All Odds, were certified platinum in the UK.

In 2009, they hit number one on the UK singles chart with Number One, a collaboration with Tinchy Stryder.

They have won four Mobo awards, including best newcomer in 2007, best album and best act in 2009 and best song in 2010 and were nominated for the Brit award for best British single in 2010.

The group originally announced plans for a two-year hiatus to focus on their solo careers in 2011 but have not released any new material since.

The full interview airs on BBC Radio 1Xtra on Tuesday between 4pm and 6pm.