Nadhim Zahawi hits out at Labour over attempt to launch a parliamentary investigation into PM's conduct

Mandatory credit: LBC. No social media use. Cabinet minister Nadhim Zahawi said he expected Tory MPs to support the Government amendment to delay a decision on whether to launch a Privileges Committee inquiry into Boris Johnson’s conduct. He also hit out at Labour, saying: “Playing petty politics with this is wrong, due process is right. I will be voting for the amendment because I think that is the right thing to do.” The Education Secretary also said that he is ‘worried deeply’ about antisemitism in the NUS teachers' union, after a historic tweet by the president-elect Shaima Dallali made reference to a massacre of Jewish people. She has since apologised for the tweet, and has denied claims that she has harassed students supporting an Israeli politician. The conversation with LBC came as Mr Zahawi has announced that a new natural history GCSE will become available on the curriculum by 2025.

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