Nadhim Zahawi Suggests People Use Less Energy As Bills Rise Sharply

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(Photo: Liam McBurney via PA Wire/PA Images)
(Photo: Liam McBurney via PA Wire/PA Images)

(Photo: Liam McBurney via PA Wire/PA Images)

Nadhim Zahawi has suggested people cut back on the amount of energy they use as prices are set to soar by 80%.

Speaking on Friday, the chancellor said everyone should “look at our energy consumption” as bills are due to rise.

Ofgem confirmed an 80.06% rise in the energy price cap for around 24 million households in England, Scotland and Wales, sending the average household’s yearly bill from £1,971 to £3,549.

It will remain in place until December 31, when it will be adjusted again, with latest forecasts warning bills could surge again to around £5,400 in January and around £7,000 in April.

The regulator, energy sector and charities were immediately united in calling on the government to increase its support for households who were facing “the bleakest of winters”.

Ofgem’s chief executive Jonathan Brearley urged the incoming prime minister and new cabinet “to provide an additional and urgent response to continued surging energy prices”.

Zahawi said: “The current cost of living is undoubtedly having a major impact across society, for our citizens, businesses and also for public services.

“I have made it clear to the chancellor today that additional funding is urgently required and that the new prime minister must put in place a package of measures which will provide additional support to households, businesses and public services.

He added: “The reality is that we should all look at our energy consumption. It is a difficult time. There is war on our continent.”

Last week Downing Street stopped short of suggesting people reduce energy consumption during the winter, saying it was “for individuals” to decide.

Boris Johnson said today eventually energy bills will come down as Vladimir Putin’s ability to “exercise leverage over us and the rest of the world will diminish”.

But despite warnings that the higher prices could lead to deaths in Britain as winter hits, no immediate extra help will be announced by Johnson’s government.

Major financial decisions are being postponed until either Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak is in No.10 after the Tory leadership contest.

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