Nadia Sawalha urges women to get womb checked after being ‘worried sick’

Nadia Sawalha urges women to get womb checked after being ‘worried sick’

Nadia Sawalha has urged women to get their wombs checked if they experience any worrying symptoms after she underwent a hysteroscopy.

The Loose Women star shared two photographs of herself in hospital on Wednesday night (28 September), but reassured followers she was given “the all clear”.

The procedure uses a hysteroscope to examine the inside of the womb and can be used to investigate symptoms such as heavy periods, unusual vaginal bleeding, pelvic pain, or fertility issues.

While Sawalha, 57, did not explain what symptoms she was experiencing, she said she wished she had “dealt with it earlier”.

In her caption she wrote: “The only reason I’m posting these pics is because I want to catch your eye and urge you if you have been worrying about any symptoms you’ve been experiencing to bite the bullet and get yourself seen!”

“Delaying things will only cause more worry,” she continued.

“I’m not going to lie, I’ve been worried sick myself recently but was given the all clear on Monday. I only wish I had dealt with it earlier so I didn’t get myself into such a pickle.

“Don’t delay, make the call. Get seen. You know it makes sense.”

Sawalha’s followers were quick to send their well wishes and share their own stories about the importance of getting a womb check if symptoms arise.

One person asked what the result of the hysteroscopy was, to which Sawalha replied that there was “thickening of the lining of the womb”.

This is called endometrial hyperplasia, and can cause heavy or abnormal bleeding at all ages, even after menopause.

In the comments, a follower shared her experience with the condition and said: “So glad you took care of it! [Gynaecological] stuff is so daunting. Speaking from experience. My friend’s mum had womb thickness and bleeding and it all ended up ok. All the very bestest [sic].”