Nadine Coyle has planned out who she could play in 'Derry Girls'

Nadine Coyle has been eying up a role in 'Derry Girls'. (Getty Images/Channel 4)
Nadine Coyle has been eying up a role in 'Derry Girls'. (Getty Images/Channel 4)

Nadine Coyle has admitted her dream job is to star in sitcom Derry Girls - and she's even worked out that she could play a schoolgirl.

The 36-year-old Girls Aloud star was brought up in Northern Ireland during the pre-Good Friday Agreement era that the Channel 4 comedy is set in, and it even films in her old secondary school.

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Coyle, who wouldn't let her age get in the way of a good career move, has said she wants to go back to her school days of 20 years earlier and play one of the pupils.

LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 18: Nadine Coyle attends the VIP Preview evening of Hyde Park Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park on November 18, 2021 in London, England. (Photo by Joe Maher/Getty Images)
Nadine Coyle would love to star in her favourite sitcom. (Joe Maher/Getty Images) (Joe Maher via Getty Images)

She told Metro: "I’ve thought of all the different kind of roles that I could play! I could probably put a school uniform on – I know that some of the older girls are around my age, even though they’re acting like 15 year olds.

"Then I was thinking maybe I could be a hairdresser or something, just thinking of all these possible roles."

However, Coyle's dream looks to be over as the sitcom will end with season three and she said she was just enjoying it as a fan at the moment.

Derry Girls season 2 has been removed from Netflix (Channel 4/Jack Barnes)
The sitcom holds special significance for Nadine Coyle. (Channel 4/Jack Barnes)

She added that Derry Girls had brought her schooldays back to her, including the parts that were "not that normal at all", but said: "But it’s great to see it done in such a comedic way, kind of making light of it instead of it being all heavy and serious."

The singer also spoke about her terrifying headteacher, Sister Christopher, saying she was not like Siobhan McSweeney's comedy character Sister Michael at all and admitting "we were just afraid of her".

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Coyle recently spoke about the moment on Irish Pop Stars that made her famous when she was caught out lying about her age to be allowed to compete in the singing contest.

However, she slipped up in an interview and was booted from the show, later going on to find stardom with Girls Aloud in Pop Stars: The Rivals.

She told how she had recently had a passport thrown at her while on stage, 20 years on from the drama which saw her claim to have lost her passport before admitting she had lied about her age.

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