Nadine Coyle explains what finally tore Girls Aloud apart

Girls Aloud soared to fame after being picked for the girlband on ITV talent show Popstars: The Rivals in 2002.

They enjoyed a decade of success in the charts but behind closed doors they were wracked with bitterness and paranoia, and Nadine was told that the girls had decided to split with consulting her as they prepared for the final show of their 10th anniversary reunion tour in 2013 at Liverpool’s Echo Arena.

But Nadine says it all started when her Girls Aloud band mates became “very bitter” when she landed more lead vocals.

It was quite obvious to fans that the Derry native was the most talented behind the microphone, and she explained that it created constant “politics” amongst her and her bandmates Cheryl Tweedy, Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts, and Kimberley Walsh and a “divide” over who wanted their voice to be heard.

Speaking on The Sun newspaper’s ‘Bizarre Life’ podcast, the brunette beauty said: “It was fine at the start but there’s always politics in any band.

“It just happened that I always got more vocals than everybody else, so in terms of people wanting their voice heard, that wasn’t happening.

“And it made people, very bitter. They didn’t like that.

“It’s so sad for me to have to admit this stuff now because for so long, there’s the band, and you want everybody to think we’re best friends and we have pillow fights and, you know, drink milkshakes.

“That’s what I wanted it to be. I really, really wanted that to be, but it just wasn’t how it was.
“So yeah there was [a divide]. We’re all very, very different characters.”

The ‘Sound of the Underground’ hitmaker’s took a hiatus in 2009 before they rejoined, and though Nadine felt confident the band were going to continue with their music career as a fivesome for many more years to come, her dreams soon came crashing down when she was told on the final night of their tenth anniversary tour at Liverpool’s Echo Arent four years ago they were all going their separate ways for good.

She recalled: “I thought we were going to continue. I thought we were going to do loads and loads of stuff.

“We had songs, we had a three-album deal and it seemed like a great time. Obviously the girls had different plans.

“The very last night, management had come to the room.

“I was all ready, just about to get dressed and they were like, ‘So I know you’re not going to like this, I know you’re not going to agree, but the girls want to split up the band’.

“And I asked Sarah and she was like, ‘I can’t be bothered and I hate everything’.

“Because you know, when you’re on tour everybody gets tired, you’re exhausted.”

But that doesn’t mean that Nadine has ruled out a reunion.

The beans have been well and truly spilled.

In fact, the star – who has three-year-old Anaiya – thinks Girls Aloud will “absolutely” reunite in the future, although it would be “different” to the old days.

She said: “Could we work together? Absolutely. We could do that next week and it would be fine.

“It might be different to how everything would work and how it would all go. Yeah, you’d just go, ‘We’d do it.'”


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