Nadiya Hussain Adds Crunch To Frittatas With A Potato Chip Swap

Nadiya Hussain smiling
Nadiya Hussain smiling - David M. Benett/Getty Images

If you're looking for a way to change up your go-to frittata recipe, then you'll want to pay attention to the crunchy addition that television chef and author Nadiya Hussain adds to hers.

During a September 2023 interview with Tasting Table, Hussain let us in on a little secret: Sometimes she adds potato chips to frittatas. It's certainly not unusual to find potatoes in a frittata — after all, tatties and eggs are two breakfast staples — but not everyone would think to add the fried snack version of potatoes. But when you stop to think, they actually make adding potatoes to a frittata far more convenient.

Hussain said, "If I'm out [of] potatoes, I use potato chips, because they're already thinly sliced. I mix them with eggs and spring onions and coriander or chili, whatever I've got in the house, a bit of cheese, mix in my crisps, chips, and then fry it in a pan with some oil, and you've got an instant frittata." It's certainly an intriguing idea — but what kind of potato chips should we use?

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Hussain Will Use Any Type Of Potato Chip

Frittata in a pan
Frittata in a pan - Katarzyna Hurova/Shutterstock

During the Tasting Table interview, when asked what type of chip she prefers, Nadiya Hussain said, "Whatever I've got at home. Whatever it is, it'll add flavor, won't it?"

If Hussain's answer is a bit too open-ended for you, we have some suggestions. You could go with classic Lay's for a subtle flavor that still packs plenty of crunch. Or, if you're looking for a bolder flavor addition, barbeque Lay's may be a good pick. On the other hand, if you're after a spicy kick for your frittata, then look no further than Kettle's jalapeño chips. And if you want a cheesy addition — perhaps on top of the cheese a recipe already calls for — then you could add in Kettle's New York Cheddar flavor. Of course, if you prefer something other than Lay's or Kettle, most chip brands have similar flavors to those listed above for you to choose from.

Or, you could go Hussain's route and just pick from whatever you've got in your pantry, even if you're unsure if the flavor would work — this is actually Hussain's preferred way of being a chef. She told Tasting Table, "The reason why I love cooking is because everything is an ingredient to me."

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