Nail-biting footage shows rescuer saving dangerously trapped cobra

A cobra got trapped in a farm fence at a village near Ahmednagar in western India on March 16. The owner called Wildlife Rescue Society and Akash Jadhav went to rescue the cobra along with his team. They saw that the cobra was badly trapped in the fence. As it had struggled to free itself the thin metal strings of the fence had cut into its skin, especially around the neck. Akash set out to free the snake with the help of a plier. Though he could free most parts of the snake, its neck remained tightly trapped in the strings. He realised that he could not free the cobra until he got real close to cut the remaining strings putting himself at risk of getting bitten. The chilling video shows the agitated snake trying to bite the cutting plier which was held by Akash just a few inches away. A colleague, fearful of Akash’s safety, tried to keep the snake at a distance with the help of a snake stick. Working together they freed the snake and later set it free in a forest. Akash said: “The snake was agitated and was ready to strike at anything that got close. The real danger was the cobra biting me the moment the strings loosened. It was a tense affair but we kept cool.”