Naked Attraction leaves American viewers stunned as it airs in the US

anna richardson in naked attraction
Naked Attraction leaves American viewers stunnedChannel 4

Naked Attraction left viewers stunned upon its debut in the US, with several fans shocked by the content.

The Channel 4 reality show debuted in 2016 in the UK, but has only just found its way across the Atlantic, so American audiences now have seven seasons to tuck into on Max.

The basic setup sees contestants pick their ideal match for a date, with the twist being that the selection process is done whilst everybody is nude – a fact that seemed to take many American viewers by surprise.

pablo naked attraction
Channel 4

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"Whatever else I do in this life, at least I didn't invent this," wrote Kim Masters, an editor for The Hollywood Reporter, on X/Twitter, later remarking that the show "couldn’t be unseen."

"I am kinda unhappy that I sampled this," commented one startled viewer, whilst another remarked: "Naked attraction is a wild show how did they slip 6 seasons by us."

One fan joked: "I'm watching Naked Attraction, and let me just say…. UK people. Y'all really are trashy like the rest of us."

UK viewers also showed their trademark humour, with one quipping: "I am so excited the US public is finally getting to know our greatest UK export - #NakedAttraction".

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Whilst US viewers are getting to grips with the revealing show, the seventh series broke new ground by welcoming back a former contestant, Sarah, who returned after transitioning.

"I've done the show, Sarah has done the show, and David has done the show, and actually we really are quite different people," she said, referencing her previous appearance. "So although I am a returning picker, it's actually two different people doing it."

Naked Attraction airs on Channel 4 in the UK and Max in the US.

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