Naked man detained on Alaska Airlines flight after running down aisle yelling

Fiona Simpson
The man was detained on the Alaska Airlines flight: David McNew/Getty Images

A naked man ran along the aisles on an Alaska Airlines flight before being locked in the toilet by crew, passengers said.

Former Alaska state lawmaker Johnny Ellis revealed the incident on Twitter following the flight from Seattle to Anchorage on Monday.

He said in a tweet: “A completely naked man ran from the front of the plane to the back, waving his arms and yelling.”

Two men, believed to be crew members, then “tackled him and locked him in the bathroom”, Senator Ellis added.

An Alaska Airlines spokeswoman said flight 107 had landed in Anchorage “without incident”.

She told the Associated Press that a “disruptive male passenger” was detained shortly before landing.

He was removed by police and taken to a local hospital, she added.