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Metallic Curves

[Photo: Silvana Denker]

This metallic photoshoot is a glorious celebration of plus-size bodies

Plus-size model Silvana Denker grew up unhappy with her body. But when she entered a modeling competition in her native Germany, she learned that being bigger than the average model was far from a bad thing.

Winning a plus-size modeling in Germany, Silvana went on to become an advocate for the body-positive community, and she is now embarking on a photography career.

Aiming to empower plus-size women and make them feel good about their bodies, Silvana started by creating a curve-filled calendar before enlisting women to strip down to their underwear and walk the streets of Berlin.

One of her most recent projects is a gorgeous photoshoot. Called “Metallic Curves,” the series sees a number of plus-size women — some whom Silvana has worked with before — painted gold and silver and posing naked.

When researching the idea, Silvana said, she could only find “pictures of slim women.” So she made it her mission to “show that bigger women can look amazing as sculptures.”

“I decided to show rolls and bellies — the bodies of the women the way they are,” she tells Yahoo Style UK. “My ambition was to create art, and on the other hand, show the beauty of the human body and size diversity. I think (and hope) you can see the self-confidence of every woman in the pictures. I’m glad they all trusted me and posed without any concerns.”

Speaking to the Metro news website, Silvana expressed her desire that the media stop putting down the female body.

“I wish people would stop talking about the female body like it is something bad to have,” she said. “Stretch marks and cellulite are something normal that nature gave us so we are able to have children. There’s no wrong way to have a body, and we should stop advertising that one body (and person) is better than the other.”

Take a look at the full series in all its glorious detail.

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