'My Name is Cleo': West Australian Police Rejoice at Press Conference as Cleo Smith is Found

Western Australian authorities rejoiced during a press conference in Carnarvon, after missing four-year-old girl Cleo Smith was found early on Wednesday, November 3.

In this media conference, which was live streamed on the Western Australia Police Force Facebook page, WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson held up a printed photo of Smith smiling in her hospital bed and said, “what a great day! We now have returned Cleo to her loving parents. It is a wonderful day for this little girl and her loving family.”

The four-year-old had been missing since she was abducted from a campsite on October 16.

“I know that Cleo’s parents never gave up hope, and it is just such a wonderful opportunity for me to say, thank you” Dawson continued.

One of the officers who found Cleo, Detective Senior Sergeant Cameron Blaine, then described how he felt in the moment he saw the four-year-old, “we had always hoped for that outcome but were not prepared for it. It was absolutely fantastic.”

“I said, ‘what is your name?’ she didn’t answer. I asked three times and then she looked at me and said, ‘my name is Cleo’”, Blaine said.

Western Australia Police later posted footage showing part of the rescue.

Police confirmed a 36-year-old Carnarvon man, who was not known to the family, had been arrested. Credit: Western Australia Police Force via Storyful

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