What’s in a name? UK motorways could be sponsored by businesses

UK motorways could soon carry the names of big business if a sponsorship plan gets the green light.

The Times reports that the government is drafting a plan to secure deals for motorways, which would see them sporting big businesses’ signs and incorporating their name, similar to many sports stadiums across the globe.

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It’s thought such deals would ramp up funding for removing litter and road improvements. The plan has been likened to the United States’ Adopt-A-Highway scheme, which lets businesses have a strong advertising presence on roads, with the money raised being used for maintenance. The Times says firms could expect to pay up to £20m annually for the naming rights to a motorway.

The paper says the Treasury will launch the scheme in the new year, with rights to sections of the M1, M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M25 and M606 among others up for grabs. Zack Polanski, a candidate for the Green Party, said on Twitter that he overheard a conversation involving Liz Truss, chief secretary to the Treasury, in which she detailed the plans.

Polanski claims Truss said: “We need to push to get company sponsorship for the top 10 motorways. Like they have in the USA where Burger King sponsor potholes. We’ll wait until the new year though because obviously now everything is consumed by Brexit.”

The Times also reports that talks have been held with Adopt-A-Highway scheme president Pat Nelson.