Nancy Drew showrunner teases "emotional and romantic" season 3

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Photo credit: The CW
Photo credit: The CW

Nancy Drew season three will see the teen sleuth faced with her hardest case yet — her love life.

The titular character (played by Kennedy McMann) is set to solve the case of who will steal her heart, the series' bosses have confirmed. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly after the season three premiere on Friday (October 9), showrunners Melinda Hsu Taylor and Noga Landau said Nancy is going to have her hands full this time around.

As well as "hunting a serial killer" and contending with an "evil ancestor coming to town", she's also going to find herself in a love triangle.

Photo credit: The CW
Photo credit: The CW

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"I'm most excited this season about telling what looks like sort of a traditional small-town serial killer story, but it actually, in true Nancy Drew fashion, becomes about something so much [different]. It's not what it seems to be," Landau said.

"We start the season thinking this is just going to be a grounded true-crime serial killer kind of story and it turns into something so much more emotional and big and epic.

"And it's going to have ripple effects on Nancy's life and Nancy as a character moving forward in subsequent seasons in ways that we're super excited about."

Photo credit: The CW
Photo credit: The CW

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Taylor added: "We actually are just working on the season finale right now. It's a very, very satisfying emotional and romantic run, especially for Nancy.

"All the characters get to have some pretty deep explorations of unfinished business, and we're going deeper into things that we could have just left behind in season two or season one even, but going back to see what are the repercussions of that incident or that sequence of events in somebody's life."

Nancy Drew airs on The CW in the US.

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