What is Nando’s new clothing line and how can you get your hands on it?

”Wearable not edible. But just as spicy,” their website reads.  (Nando’s)
”Wearable not edible. But just as spicy,” their website reads. (Nando’s)

Nando’s has created its own collection to rival Primark’s second collaboration with beloved high-street bakery Greggs.

The PERi-PERi experts have a new five-piece capsule collection.

A Nando’s spokesperson said the limited-edition range is for those “looking to spice up their style this summer”.

So what do you need to know about the new Nando’s collection? Read on to hear more.

What’s in the new Nando’s collection?

Nando’s has announced the “hottest merch drop yet”, with “a limited-edition line of heat-reactive clothing and accessories for those looking to spice up their style this summer.”

The new Extra Hot line will include long- and short-sleeved T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, socks, and bucket hats.

Its creators used thermochromic tech to design the garments, meaning they change colour as the wearer heats up. The items are said to be a nod to Nando’s iconic PERi-ometer heat chart, that it hopes will tap into the “1990s nostalgia of hypercolour fashion”.

The capsule collection also inspires a competitive spirit, with its designers hoping the colour-changing mechanism will challenge fans to experiment with different spice levels.

A statement announcing the new drop said: “Nando’s is nothing without heat. Whether enjoying Extra Hot PERi-PERi chicken, or dancing in a festival crowd, each piece in the collection will reveal a distinct new colourway as the temperature changes.

“Nando’s has brought together leading TikTok and YouTube stars in a PERi-PERi hot shoot to mark the launch of the new collection.

“The Extra Hot Drop Lookbook features Viral artist Niko B, comedian Jack Joseph, Sidemen’s Tobi (aka TBJZL), model Madeline Argy, and radio presenter Tara Kumar turning up the heat in their own unique style.”

The clothing is available in five different heat-level colourways, just like their famous chicken – Plainish, Lemon & Herb, Medium, Hot, Extra Hot.

Prices will range from £15 to £40, and you can have a browse at the new collection, as well as purchase online here.