'I'm more determined than ever!' Nandos fan plans to eat in every branch worldwide - despite 'free chicken' promotion ending two YEARS ago

Christopher Poole thought he’d be given free food for life by eating at every Nandos in the UK - so he spent £1,000 on chicken in a bid to win an elusive ‘black card

Christopher Poole, showing his 'Nandos Pose', has eaten in 85 UK outlets. (Caters) (Caters)

A Nandos obsessive who has spent the last year travelling around the UK to eat in as many branches as he can has now pledged to visit every outlet of the restaurant in the world.

Christopher Poole thought he’d be given free food for life by eating at every Nandos - so he spent £1,000 on chicken in a bid to win an elusive ‘black card’.

But after dining in 85 UK branches, Chris, 26, was devastated to find out the challenge, promoted more than two years ago, was no longer running.

However, he has since pledged to carry on his Nandos adventure, after restaurant bosses said they'd honour the promotion if he visited every outlet worldwide.

The challenge means Chris is only 950 Nandos restaurants away from a black card - and he insists he’s ‘more determined than ever’ to win the competition.

Chris, from St Albans, Herts, said: 'I heard about this competition to eat at every Nandos branch and thought it sounded right up my street.
'I love chicken and eat in there a couple of nights a week anyway, so decided to embrace the challenge. I'd do anything to get my hands on a card giving me free chicken.

'I've dedicated a year to travelling around the UK, eating in as many of the 280 British restaurants as I can.
'There are more than 300 Nando's in Australia, and I was planning to go there next year - but then I heard that the contest wasn't even valid anymore. I was gutted.'

Since discovering the promotion ended, Chris added on his Facebook page: ‘A lot of people are asking if I am stopping the challenge. No, of course I’m not!

‘In truth, whether the promotion of free food for life is valid or not, I will still be trying to make it to every chain of my favourite restaurant.’

when Nando's bosses heard about his efforts - which have seen him gain a stone in weight since the start of the year - they have now agreed to honour their old promotion if Chris can eat in the chain's 900 other branches worldwide.
Chris said: 'I'm thrilled that they have recognised my efforts, and I'm more determined than ever to complete the challenge.'

Chris has been charting his Nando's challenge on social media and has posed for a photograph in each restaurant, with his hand up to his forehead in a 'Nando's pose' which imitates a cockerel- the symbol of Nando's.
The UK has 280 Nando's restaurants, and with just over 100 in London, Chris made sure he started his challenge in the capital.
Chris said: 'It all started when I was really busy and kept popping into my local Nando's for dinner. Before I knew it, I had been in every day for two weeks.

'I still loved the food so I started visiting friends all over London and trying out different Nando's restaurants wherever I went.'
'Once I have done the UK, I am then going to move onto Australia where there are around 300. I am hoping to do as many as I can in just 40 days- I plan on eating Nando's for every meal.'
Currently, filmaker Chris dines in the Portuguese chain restaurant three to four times a week and offers a review of the restaurant, food, and occasionally his dining company on his Facebook page.
He has documented his challenge by taking a photograph of himself in every restaurant he dined in.
Chris said: 'I have started to receive requests from random people who invite me to join them for food in their local Nando's.'

'I've been invited on about 10 Nan-dates so far, and it's great to meet new people who love their food as much as I do.'
'I even have managers of different branches asking me to come and visit and review their restaurant.'
'I have spent around £1,000 on all the food and I am still not sick of it. I have put on about a stone in weight as well so I am trying to stay away from the Peri Peri chips.'
Christopher likes to vary his food choices, but his favourite meal is a chicken pitta with cheese and pineapple, a chicken leg and Peri Peri chips.
'I still have a lot of Nando's to visit but I am looking forward to exploring the world while eating my favourite meal. And it will be worth it in order to have unlimited chicken for life.'

A spokesperson for Nando’s said: 'We’re always delighted to hear from Nando’s superfans and the lengths they go to for their love of PERi-PERi chicken.
'Some time ago, we ran a challenge that rewarded individuals with free Nando’s if they could prove they ate at every Nando’s restaurant in the world.
'There are now so many Nando’s worldwide, that we don't run the challenge any more.

'However, if Christopher Poole completes his attempt, we will happily honour our original promise and give him free Nando’s for life.'