Nando's feature Colonel Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein in controversial advert

Adam Parris-Long

Nando's has released a controversial advert which shows deceased world dictators such as Saddam Hussein and Colonel Gaddafi joking about with each other.

The 45-second TV advert, called ‘Last dictator standing’, originates from Nando's in South Africa and opens with a Robert Mugabe lookalike wistfully picking up a Colonel Gaddafi place card from an empty dinner table. In a dream sequence he is then met by the deceased Libyan dictator who starts a waterfight with a golden AK-47.

Mugabe is then seen frolicking with Saddam Hussein, South African apartheid leader P W Botha and former Ugandan president Idi Amin before the dream sequence cuts out. Nando’s 6-pack meal is then advertised in its place.

"One of the biggest news stories of 2011 has been the downfall of dictators around the globe as ordinary people have taken back their power," Nando's South Africa said. "In true Nando’s style, this incredible movement towards democracy cannot escape without comment and the brand has set its sight on these and other dictators of the past in its latest campaign."

"The central idea of Nando’s festive season campaign revolves around one particular African dictator, let’s call him ‘Bob’, a dinner party he throws for some likeminded friends and his memory of the good times".

Nando's South Africa gave a tongue-in-cheek response to the expulsion of Julius Malema from the African National Congress, releasing an advert which stated "Juju, you've been served". The firm also responded to the South African Protection of the State Information Bill (referred to as the "secrecy bill") by releasing an advert with blacked out words- parodying censorship in the media.

A Nando's UK spokesman has confirmed that there are no plans to bring the advert over to Britain.