‘Nanoweapons’ the size of insects pose a bigger threat than nuclear missiles, expert warns

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Tiny insect-sized ‘nanoweapons’ currently under development by the world’s superpowers could pose a bigger threat than nuclear weapons – and could even wipe out the human race.

Physicist Louis del Monte claims that superpowers are already secretly working on such weapons – and there’s a one in 20 chance they’ll wipe out the human race by 2100.

Perhaps more alarmingly, terrorists may be able to get their hands on insect-sized robots – which could be used to poison food and water supplies.

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Del Monte’s book, ‘Nanoweapons: A Growing Threat To Humanity’, argues that governments are already engaged in an arms race – which will become the deadliest ever known.

Del Monte describes weapons ranging from small, self-propelling bombs which could destroy buildings down to insect sized drones.

Mr del Monte writes, ‘The events that most people consider likely to cause humanity’s extinction, such as a large asteroid impact or a super-volcanic eruption, actually have a relatively low probability of occurring, in the order of one in 50,000 or less.’

‘Obviously nanoweapons are at the top of the list, having a one in 20 chance of causing human extinction by the end of this century.’

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