Nasa desires Venus missions to explore hottest planet

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Nasa is planning two missions to Venus to analyse the planet’s atmosphere and geology.

Venus is the second planet from the sun and the hottest planet in the solar system with a surface temperature of 500C - hot enough to melt lead.

One mission called Davinci+ will measure the planet’s atmosphere to discover how it formed and even check for evidence of a previous ocean, while the Veritas will scour the surface for clues about its history and earthquakes.

Thousands of microscopic worms known as ‘water bears’ and more than 100 baby squid will be launched up to the International Space Station aboard Space X’s Falcon 9 rocket.

This is all part of tests on the effects of space flights to the human body.

Donald Trump’s blog has been permanently shut down after launching just last month as a way for the ex-president to stay connected with fans after being banned from most social networks.

The platform, titled ‘From the Desk of Donald J Trump’, included The Donald’s bitesized musings, along with press releases and videos on his official website.

Joe Biden is to face off with Putin in real life over ransomware threats, a new psychiatric drug may prevent bowel cancer, researchers say. The world’s lakes are ‘losing oxygen rapidly due to global warming’ – faster than in oceans, and, scientists say echolocation can help blind people navigate everyday tasks.

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