NASA’s Mars Rover just spotted a dead grizzly bear on the Red Planet

Conspiracy fans are convinced that NASA’s Mars Rover has just spotted a fossilised bear on Mars - proof (they believe) that large, hairy life-forms once lived there.

Oddly, it’s not the first bear seen on Mars by the tireless army of UFO fans who pore over pictures from NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover - with a baby bear spotted last year.

Legendary UFO detective Scott C Waring says, ‘Paranormal Crucible of Youtube found this incredibly unusual and interesting object on Mars.

Waring believes it could either be a fossil - or a statue, carved by some undiscovered Martian race.

Waring says, ‘The dark patch is is curly hair coat and its face area had significantly less hair. Statues usually have one color for all of it, this has two or three. Even its two teeth are extremely white…unlike any other color on the creature. I have to say its a fossil because of its hair and its teeth.

Previously, conspiracy theorists have picked out coffins, guns and alien faces on Mars - and on one memorable occasion, a buxom female robot walking on the surface.

‘The vast majority of these images are as vague and elusive as those posted by UFO witnesses on Earth, and many have a fairly mundane explanation,’ said Nigel Watson, author of the UFO investigations Manual.

'The problem is that the more Nasa denies such things or explains them, the more people think there is a conspiracy to hide the truth that aliens are visiting our planet.’