Nashville Hotel Patrons Shocked as BASE Jumpers Leap From Rooftop Bar

Patrons at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, were left shocked when two BASE jumpers leapt from the establishment’s rooftop bar and parachuted through the downtown area on New Year’s Day.

Amanda Bagley, who shot this footage, was enjoying drinks with friends at the bar when she spotted the jumpers.

“I took notice of the helmet and go pro and then the harness and parachute and it became clear they were going to jump!” she told Storyful.

In the video, the jumpers climb onto a rooftop bannister, with one of them stumbling, before plunging off the edge.

According to local media, the jumpers were two male guests who have since been “banned from the hotel.”

Storyful has contacted Hyatt Hotels for more information. Credit: Amanda Bagley via Storyful